Applications shall be submitted online at www.humanrights.sssup.it

Applications for admission by EU citizens shall be sent no later than October 15, 2015.


The Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management is designed to provide students from different cultures and backgrounds with a deep understanding of the linkages between human rights and conflict management theory and practice. The curriculum, strongly field oriented, prepares participants for working with NGOs, governments, aid agencies, the UN system and regional organisations, also operating in the context of complex emergencies and joint operations.


The Programme is divided into two didactic modules, running between mid January and the end of July 2016, followed by an internship or field experience of min. 3 and max. 6 months, starting from August 2016, and a presentation of the students' final dissertation in spring 2017.

Key features:

• 1 year post-graduate professionalizing and field-oriented programme

• Interdisciplinary nature of the programme with a methodology characterized by a combination of theory and practice

• Lecturers and trainers chosen among high level academics, diplomats, international organizations officers and NGOs activists, thus offering a wealth of both academic and field expertise

• Mandatory internship/field experience in leading organisations working in the areas of human rights protection/promotion, conflict prevention/resolution, humanitarian assistance or development, either in the field or at Headquarters

• Career service with specific sessions on career coaching and recruiting session with UNV

• International and multicultural student environment

Why should I apply?

You should apply if you are looking for a professionalizing and mission/field-oriented international master programme, as offered by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, an example of academic excellence in training and research. If your training needs include practical skills, besides relevant theoretical knowledge, as well as internship/field-experience with prestigious international organizations, this training programme is highly relevant for you.


The curriculum is strongly multidisciplinary and field oriented and includes courses in: International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, Geopolitics, HRs philosophical dimension, Economic Development, Theories and Techniques of Conflict Management, International PK and PB operations, International HR Field operations, International Election Observation missions, International Humanitarian operations, International Project Development, Personal security, Stress Management, Preventive Medicine & First Aid, Essentials of Research and Writing, Career coaching.


The internship is meant to supplement the in-class training with a relevant hand-on experience, to be carried out with a renowned organization working in the areas of human rights protection/promotion, conflict prevention/resolution, humanitarian assistance or development, either in the field or at headquarters.

Tuition fee:

The tuition fee for the full Programme is 7.500,00 euros, payable in two installments. It covers the following: attendance costs and participation to field trips, didactic material (in electronic format), tutorship, lunch (on class and exam days), access to all facilities of the Scuola (including library and computer rooms). It does not include accommodation costs in Pisa and during the internship, nor travel expenses.

The Master Programme offers one scholarship in memory of Gualtiero Fulcheri – former UN Assistant Secretary General - covering the full tuition fee and to be awarded to the most deserving applicant. Depending on financial availability, reduced tuition fee might be offered to citizens from non-OECD countries who are eligible for a study visa for Italy.


Contact us

For further details, please visit www.humanrights.sssup.it or contact:

Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Via Cardinale Maffi, 27 56126 Pisa - ITALY


Tel. +39 050 882653/55

Fax +39 050 882665




Кои сме ние
ЕВРОПА ДИРЕКТНО в Стара Загора е член на мрежата ЕВРОПА ДИРЕКТНО в България, която от своя страна е част от група центрове EUROPE DIRECT, разположени в цяла Европа. Благодарение на тези центрове гражданите имат достъп до Европа и могат да участват в дебати за бъдещето на ЕС. Мрежата се ръководи от Европейската комисия.

Можете да ни задавате въпроси за политиките, програмите и приоритетите на ЕС и да се включите в мероприятия за бъдещето на ЕС.

Освен това посещаваме училищата, където правим презентации, организираме дискусии за ЕС и осигуряваме официални публикации.

Предоставяните от нас услуги са безплатни за участващите граждани.

Имайте предвид, че не предлагаме правни консултации, нито тълкуване на законодателството на ЕС.

За да получите повече информация за центровете в държавите — членки на ЕС, включително в България, щракнете тук.

Свържете се с нас


Адрес: ул. „Ген. Столетов“ №127

Телефон: 042 605 007


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Понеделник -четвъртък: 09:00-12:30 / 13:30-18:00

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Електронната книга „Европейски приказки под липите" е второ допълнено издание. Първата версия е създадена в рамките на EUROWEEK 2010 STARA ZAGORA. Изтеглете книгата в различни формати за електронни устройства:
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Едно от най-успешните издания на Европа Директно – Стара Загора, създадено от колегите ни от Мадрид, също се нуждаеше от промяна, за да влезе в крак с новите условия. Отново с помощта на Европа Директно – Мадрид, екипът ни обнови „Познавате ли природата на Европейския съюз?" и я предоставя за свободен достъп за всички електронни четци. Приятно забавление! Изтеглете книгата в различни формати за електронни устройства:

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Европа Директно Стара Загора - дейност, мисия, функции

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