Посолството на САЩ в София има удоволствието да обяви посветения на Деня на независимостта за 2011 г. конкурс за ученици и студетни за разработване на есе. Участниците могат да изберат една от следните теми, по които да разработят есе:
  • Свобода;
  • Равни права;
  • Социалното влияние на медиите в днешното общество;
Участниците трябва да са ученици или студенти, учащи и живеещи в България, а творбите трябва да са на Английски език.
За повече информация, моля запознайте се с пълния текс на обявата на Английски език:
U.S. Embassy in Sofia Announces Essay Contest
The U.S. Embassy in Sofia has the pleasure to announce the 2011 Independence Day student essay contest in celebration of the U.S. national holiday-Fourth of July. The Embassy encourages interested participants to select one of the following essay topics:
(1) Freedom
(2) Equal Rights
(3) Social Media’s Influence In Today’s Society(1) Freedom
(2) Equal Rights
Participants should be high school or university students, studying and residing in Bulgaria, and for evaluation purposes will be divided into two groups in accordance with their age. They can enter the contest with up to two essays, each of them at least 500 words long, but no longer than 1,200 words in length. The essays need to be submitted in English electronically to the U.S. Embassy in Sofia at no later than June 21, 2011. By entering a work, authors and their parents are granting rights for use of their works to the U.S. Embassy and the American Corners, including for promotional materials. Works will be rated by a U.S. Embassy jury, and winners will receive certificates and prizes from the mission. Winning authors will also be invited to attend the Independence Day reception at the U.S. embassy on June 28 hosted by Ambassador James Warlick in celebration of the United States Independence Day
For more information please visit the U.S. Embassy in Sofia Facebook page or our website