BUZZMEDIA Association is a non-governmental organization established in Romania, in Botosani county. Its aim is to identify, to represent, to help and to promote the interests of children, young and old people.
BUZZMEDIA Association wants to develop a project (Erasmus+) for 13 to 18 years old people, interested in mass-media. Our association edits a monthly newspaper for children, written by children and teenagers. We wish through this project to extend and develop our activities with other organizations in the same domain to edit, at the end, a journalism training manual for children. We want this journalism training manual to reflect the experiences of little reporters from countries included in this project. At this moment, the Romanian school does not have a journalism course and  mass media is a domain for the future. BUZZMEDIA Association wants to replace this deficit from Romanian and European Schools.

At this moment, we are working together with Europe Direct  Center from Botosani, with the City Public Library and other public institutions. We also have a news segment in a children show at the local television and many other appearances at different tv stations from all over the country.

The task of BUZZMEDIA Association is to develop programs and projects to help the community, to promote and to support the performance.
The vision of BUZZMEDIA Association is to contribute to the development and implementation of social, cultural, educational politics.


Contact us to
+40 0722.246257