A.S. Puskin - a public school- in Romania, situated in Braila is seeking for partners in a COMENIUS programm.

Here are some information about this project :
This is “A.S.Puskin” a secondary school from Braila, Romania(pupils from 6 to 15 years old). We are interested in being partner in a multilateral or bilateral Comenius project. The school  is interested in a project about students with special needs. I think they have the right to take part in these projects as well. We can make up an auxiliary (a pupil’s activity book with exercises about native tongue, mathematics and English) helping those with special needs. I’m sure there are teachers who want to share their experience and try to help these students.
The final product will be in each country’s language.

If your are interested please get in touch with the contact person:

Angelica Pirpiliu